Do a Great Low-Impact Cardio Workout on the Rowing Machine

During rush hours, all the treadmills seem to be busy, but those two rowing machines? Not a soul. That’s good news because you can still do a heck of a full-body cardio workout, get your heart beat faster, and heal your joints better than a treadmill . Here’s how.

If you are not very coordinated, learning to row is your Everest. You need a little rhythm to really figure it out. A video from Sarah Fit and professional rower Josh Crosby explains there are three things to remember:

  • Procedure: Grasp the handle and lean forward slightly, push with your legs, lean back with your core muscles engaged, and pull the handle toward your chest when your legs are fully extended. On the way back, the opposite happens: lead with your hands, bend forward and bend your knees. The tricky part is to do it all in one fluid motion.
  • Strength: Most of your strength comes from pushing off with your feet, not from pulling with your hands.
  • Time: The movement does not quite explode and does not return to its original position like a rubber band. This is repulsion, then resistance to inertia and all the while keeping under control.

Don’t be surprised to find that you can barely take more than a couple of minutes. It gets easier over time and as you hone your technique. See the video for details.

Rowing Machine Workout And Correct Shape | Sara Fit


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