Cure Hiccups by Drinking Water From the Opposite Side of the Cup

There are an endless number of cures for hiccups, and many of them involve drinking something . However, this doctor-recommended method shows that it is not what you drink that matters, but how you drink.

In this video from the Business Insider YouTube channel, Dr. Erich Voigt , an otolaryngologist at New York University, talks about the simple treatment for hiccups that has always worked for his patients. Just fill the cup with water and drink from the side of the cup that you normally drink from. So not from the side of the thumb, but from the side of the toe. To do this, you will have to tilt your head forward quite hard, but this will cause the abdominal muscles to contract and stop the hiccups. This method corresponds to one of two mechanisms that make hiccups medications work. The other is methods that relate to your breathing and blood CO2 levels. Voigt says the drug even worked for a patient who had hiccups for two weeks in a row.

The Hiccup Cure That Works Every Time | Youtube


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