Raymond Chandler’s Secret to Productivity: Work or Just Get Bored

It’s always fun to read how successful people get their way. Famed writer Raymond Chandler struggled with motivation issues like everyone else. But then he set himself two clear choices: write or do nothing else.

When Chandler says “don’t do anything else,” he means exactly that. Lock this smartphone, no TV, don’t go for a walk outside in great weather. No distractions or procrastination on Facebook or anywhere else. Goals Infinite explains:

What does “Do nothing else” mean? This means that you are not allowed to do anything productive (another task, housework, working with documents …) or anything that helps the time fly (surfing the Internet, checking the phone, reading the news, writing emails …). You can look out the window, walk up and down your room, etc.

The strategy works because you have two options. Nobody forces you to write. You can, if you like. Nobody forces you not to write either. But you cannot do anything else. Making a choice means that you are deliberately bored, which in itself is good for you .

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