Open a Beer Bottle With 17 Random Items in the House

When it’s party time, bottle openers are never enough. Here are 17 different ways to open a beer or soda lid that you might not have thought of.

We talked about how to open a beer bottle with a spoon , newspaper , countertop, and even your forearm . In case none of these methods please you, this video from HouseholdHacker YouTube channel has 17 more suggestions for speeding up your beer or soda consumption. Some of them look a little silly like handcuffs, sword, bike seat, cow bell and power bank (don’t do this). But some of them are actually pretty smart, like using a flat top of a hammer, high heat output and a hair dryer projection, a roll of duct tape attached to your leg, a belt buckle frame, and a belt tip. high-heeled shoes.

17 Crazy Ways To Open A Bottle Without An Opener | Youtube


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