MuscleWiki App Puts a Handy Exercise Database on Your Phone

iOS / Android: MuscleWiki is a free fitness resource for beginners that started out as an engaging web app. Now you can easily search and learn muscle exercises, determine your calorie needs, and calculate your 1RM even when you’re not at your computer.

As you might expect, the free mobile app is a scaled down version of MuscleWiki . As with the web app, you point to a specific muscle in an interactive model to get a not-so-exhaustive list of exercises that help you target that muscle. Since we last introduced MuscleWiki, they’ve added a female model that leads to a separate exercise list for the same muscle group. I want to note that anyone can do these exercises.

If you’re just getting started with strength training, MuscleWiki can help you discover many exercise options while you’re in the gym. However, some of the new additions to the MuscleWiki web app, including stretch marks, are not yet available on the mobile app.

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