PennyCat Is a Chatbot That Offers Discounts to Any Store When You Need Them

PennyCat will provide you with coupon codes and discounts for various online stores before you pay. Launch Facebook Messenger (or send him a message on Facebook directly), tell him the store you need the code for, and the bot will find you and give you a code to try.

I have tried PennyCat in several different stores but I was lucky. I searched for NewEgg, for example, and after checking which NewEgg you shop at (versus NewEgg Business, Canada or another affiliate), I came up with 856 coupon codes for various items. Do a search on BestBuy and I got a bunch of sites unrelated to a real electronics retailer that are easy to fix by searching for its own name, Best Buy (with a space). Your mileage may be different anyway, but when it worked it worked. PennyCat won’t always give out a coupon code that you can use, and sometimes the only codes available are for certain types of purchases or things that you don’t plan on buying.

However, it is a quick and easy way to search for discount codes and coupon codes in a second before you checkout and wonder if you can save some money on shipping or cut your total a little bit. The service also has a variety of other traps to help you stay, like “penny money” or Facebook messenger games that you can play, but stay away from those things and stick to your goal and you should be fine. Also note, PennyCat makes money from referral fees, so when you go to a store, this is how the service earns. Click on the link below to find out more or give it a try.



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