Clarified Oil Is the Tastiest Oil for Frying at High Temperatures

Butter does everything better, but the milk solids (which will burn) in it mean it’s not the best candidate for high heat cooking. On the other hand, ghee (also known as ” ghee “) lacks such solids, making it a very tasty choice for frying.

If you’ve never purified oil, Daniel Grittser from Serious Eats can guide you through this process , but basically it is a question of boiling oil as long as the foam and bubbles do not subside, and filtering out solids that fall to the bottom. Once you’ve done that, the oil is ready to replace the boring and less aromatic cooking oil. Serious Eats has a great method of making chicken cutlets this way (link below), but I think fried green tomatoes, potato pancakes, and onion rings would benefit from this rich and delicious cooking oil.

Dinner at 20: Use Ghee for the Best Fried Chicken Cutlets | Serious food


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