Why Should You Sleep Naked

We mentioned earlier that nude sleep has all sorts of benefits , including deeper and better sleep, and helps you stay calm while you are resting, but this video from DNews summarizes all these benefits beautifully and adds a little more. we weren’t. ” t was discussed.

Obviously, sleeping naked keeps your body cooler than sleeping with clothes on, but it’s this small temperature difference that can lead to deeper, more restful, and uninterrupted sleep. However, this is not the only benefit of sleeping naked – as the video explains, sleeping naked can be especially beneficial for reproductive health, minimizes the chances of yeast infections for women, and helps men keep testicles cool and avoid low sperm counts. Of course, sleeping naked has other benefits, especially if you have a partner, as skin-to-skin contact is not only therapeutic, but wonderful medicine for both your mind and your body. Touch helps you create a stronger emotional bond with your partner and triggers the release of oxytocin in your brain, which helps regulate mood.

The video goes into more detail on each of them, so click the play button above for the full version, or click the link below to learn more about this – and some related articles – on YouTube.

Why Everyone Should Sleep Naked | DNews (YouTube)


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