The Case for Being Able to Work Part-Time After Retirement

In high school, my Spanish teacher was retired but said he enjoyed working, so he continued teaching part-time. Then I thought he was crazy, but there is good reason to work after retirement.

Forbes offers several reasons why retirees might want to keep working. First, you probably want to stay involved and do something meaningful, and part-time work can help with that. I have met quite a few people who said they plan to continue working after retirement for this very reason. Forbes continues:

Working part-time in retirement can be very rewarding not only financially, but also physically … working in retirement helps to maintain clarity of mind and helps to avoid isolation and loneliness. You may be able to develop a phased retirement plan through your current employer.

Of course, it’s not just about staying active. Sometimes it all comes down to money. In an AARP survey, 37% of respondents said they plan to work for money in retirement. Pensions and social security may not be enough, or retirees may worry about spending their funds. In all fairness, for some people, retirement at the traditional age of 65 is simply not possible.

Either way, the point is that in some cases it makes sense to include part-time work in your retirement plan – or at least be prepared for it. When you count numbers, this must be taken into account. Forbes has more information at the link below.

9 Keys to Happy Retirement | Forbes

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