Know How Much Watermelon You Need for a Meeting With This Rule of Thumb

Watermelons come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s difficult to determine how much you need for a barbecue or picnic. This simple rule of thumb will help you get enough for everyone.

Using information provided by the Watermelon Council , Shila Prakash of The Kitchn came up with a method to get the right amount of watermelon every time. From an average 20 pound watermelon, you will get about 66 3/4 inch wedges, which will feed about 33 people if they each have two wedges. One pound of watermelon is approximately equal to three wedges or one and a half servings. For every two pounds of watermelon, you can feed three people. So, you need about 2/3 pounds (or 11 ounces) of watermelon per person. Let’s say 10 people come to your barbecue or picnic. You will need a watermelon that weighs about seven pounds. Of course, it’s always nice to have some leftovers, so it’s best to choose a melon that weighs a little more than you need.

How many pounds of watermelon do you need per person? | Kitchen


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