Improve the Quality of Your Work Time, Not Its Length, to Get More Done

If you arrive at 9 and don’t finish by 5, what can you do other than work more hours? You may not feel like you have a choice, but you can accomplish more by improving the quality of your working time instead.

As writer Benjamin P. Hardy explains on Medium, most people who work eight hours a day probably do n’t actually work that much during those eight hours. Facebook has downtime, distracting conversations with coworkers, and the general fog of coffee that can take an hour. Before you start changing your life schedule to add more hours to your work week, instead try focusing your work on a few concentrated hours when you are at your peak:

However, when you are results- oriented and not “busy” is off , when you are not you are 100 percent, when you are working and 100 percent. Why do something halfway? If you are going to work, you will work.

Research has shown that shorter, more intense exercise is more effective than longer exercise for the best fitness results.

The idea is simple: intense activity followed by quality rest and recovery.

We have already seen that if you work harder it does not necessarily mean that you are more productive . However, if you can focus your work on the time at your best, you can do a lot and then use the remaining time to really relax, instead of idly picking up a minute or two on Facebook. here or there. It may not work for everyone, but if you have a flexible schedule and a little determination, it might work for you.

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