Five Last-Minute Tips to Improve the Fit of a Baggy Shirt

If you have a shirt that you like but doesn’t fit perfectly, there are several ways to improve its look and fit before you can cut or adjust it. Here are five (well, four and a gag) that work well in any situation.

In the video above, all five of them are covered pretty quickly, so it’s worth watching. The first three tips are for when you don’t want to wear anything over your shirt, so you want it to look good from the front and back. The last two are best used when you can layer something else on it.

  • Use military gathering to pull off excess fabric and create a narrower fit.
  • Roll up the sleeves to trim too long or loose fabric.
  • Open the first two buttons for a more casual look (this will make the looser shirt less tousled).
  • Layer with a jacket or sweater to mask an oversized shirt and hide excess fabric.
  • This is mostly a joke, but you can create a slim silhouette in the front by using paper clips to hold the excess fabric on the back of the shirt.

Remember what you will be doing in the shirt. For example, the last “tip” will be uncomfortable if you plan to go to dinner or a meeting where you feel like leaning back against a chair. The look you strive for will affect which of the tips above you decide to use, but remember that these are just temporary fixes and you should change or tailor your shirt to fit well over the long term.

5 Tricks for Bad Fit Shirts | Clothes Illustrated


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