Use Semi-Bluffing Techniques to Bluff Better in Poker and in Real Life

All the poker bosses in the movies have mastered the art of bluffing, making their opponents believe whatever. You may not be able to achieve this, but semi-bluffing is easier and potentially more effective.

As advice site Dumb Little Man explains, semi-bluffing is when you are deceiving, not outright lies. By mixing a little truth into your bluffs, you build confidence in yourself. More importantly, you don’t want your bluff to depend on your success. If you have a contingency plan, then you are less likely to get nervous and give out your bluff.

Let’s say all your friends are talking about the Game of Thrones books, but you’ve only seen the TV version. The kind of semi-bluff you would use when playing online poker in the middle of this tricky GoT situation can help you navigate the conversation, letting them think you know all about it when you really only have half the knowledge.

This skill can come in handy when, for example, you are trying to hide the fact that you went to the store for a gift for your partner. If you try to say that you’ve been home all day, your partner may pick up on it. If you say you left the house for another reason, you are partially telling the truth. In the worst case scenario, you may admit to having gone shopping, but that doesn’t tell you what you bought. The simple feeling that your secret is not dependent on this fiction can make you more confident that you are hiding it.

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