The Best Wines for Spicy Food

Alcohol is not the best option if the food is too hot for you. But if you love spicy food and want to enhance its flavor, a glass of wine can complement it well.

Laura Burgess of The Kitchn recommends three main types of wine for warmth lovers : dry whites, dry whites, and light reds. The sweetness of semi-dry white wines such as Riesling, Moscato and Chenin Blanc pair well with spicy dishes, and the Riesling can even soften the intense wasabi flavor. Dry white wines such as Portuguese Vino Verde complement spicy Chinese cuisine perfectly, while Sauvignon Blanc or Spanish AlbariƱo add sweetness to the sugar-free spicy dishes found in semi-dry white wines. Lighter reds like the Italian Schiava, Pinot Noir, or Beaujoulais are also great options for savory Asian food. Stay away from bolder reds like Malbec and Shiraz, however, as these will further exacerbate the burn of spicy food. If you’re not sure which bottles to choose, you can find great recommendations at the link below.

Spicy Food Eating Guide: Wine | Kitchen


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