Cashback Sites That Are Really Worth It

Some saving habits pay off more than others, and that goes for saving tools as well. For example, some discount sites are often more of a hassle than they are worth. Kyle James of Rather-Be-Shopping has researched and evaluated cashback sites that are truly worth it.

James researched the pros and cons of some of the most popular money back sites to find the ones that offer the best rewards or the highest payouts. He also offers some tips for using each one. Some of his list:

  • Swagbucks : James notes that with their Chrome extension, you can get notified when you shop on the right seller’s site. This way, you don’t have to remember to go through the portal with every purchase. They also pay with Amazon Credits and PayPal Gift Cards.
  • Abates : James notes that you can buy gift cards through the site and receive cashback at the respective stores. If you are looking to buy a gift card anyway, you can also get a discount, and this is a particularly useful “trick” for large amounts.
  • CouponCabin : They pretty much work like any other cashback site, but sometimes they offer above average interest rates in certain stores for a limited time. James notes, “The few percentages that caught my attention included 10% at Walmart, 7% at Target, 6% at Home Depot, and 14% at Macy’s.”

If you are a fan of cashback sites and are trying to limit or narrow down one of them, James has done a lot of research and offers some ideas in his full post below.

11 Best Cash Back Sites That Worth Your Time (And Tips To Maximize Your Savings) | Rather shopping


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