Use Leftover Smoked Meat to Flavor Beans and Rice Dishes

Smoked meats are usually the gem of any culinary show at which they are present, but its intense flavor and fatty constitution make it a fantastic companion in any bean, vegetable or rice dish.

Pork, sausage, and beef brisket are all great candidates, and their super-strong smoky nature means you don’t need a lot of them, which is great because I know you guys rarely – if ever – have a lot of leftovers. , especially meat. (Also, the meat doesn’t have to be leftover; you can buy it specifically for flavoring non-meat dishes.)

After you get the flavorful protein samples, toss them in the beans, pan with vegetables, or stir-fry with rice. In terms of ratios, Serious Eats recommends 8-12 ounces for every pound of dry beans , while Food 52 offers a “golf ball-sized” mound per person for rice dishes and chips .

Scrapcook: Season the beans with leftover smoked meat | Serious food


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