Inflightfeed Will Tell You What to Expect From in-Flight Meals, Depending on the Airline

For the most part, food on airplanes is thought of as secondary. No one gets on a flight expecting a culinary experience, but some airlines offer better food than others. In fact, sometimes this food is just delicious. Inflightfeed is a blog dedicated to an overview of all catering options offered by 150 airlines around the world.

The blog’s creator, Nick Lucas, takes the time to sample and review all of his airline dishes, some of which look pretty trendy. This is useful if you are flying with this airline and are looking for some decent food, but better yet, the site has a database of airline food information that offers detailed information on several different carriers. You will receive information on prices, menus, special meals and what offers you can expect depending on your flight.

You can find your specific airline here, or visit the blog below and view the reviews.

In-flight meals via Travel + Leisure


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