Google Brings Project Fi Wi-Fi Assistant to All Nexus Users

Google became mobile operator with Project Fi last year. One of the most distinctive features of Wi-Fi was that it could automatically connect to reliable Wi-Fi networks to reduce the load on your data. This feature is now available to all Nexus users.

Wi-Fi Assistant, as the feature is called, can automatically detect when you are near an open, reliable Wi-Fi network and automatically connect you even if you haven’t set it up yourself. This is a convenient way to avoid relying on your cellular network coverage and spending extra money on data transfer.

Google says this feature is now rolling out to all Nexus users in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK and Nordic countries. It is not clear what Google device includes a number of “users Nexus» (presumably the owners of Nexus One is not included for obvious reasons), but anyone from whom it was recently the Nexus device , likely to get it.

Maintain High Connection Speed ​​and Low Data Cost with Wi-Fi Assistant | Google+ via The Verge


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