This DIY Machine Can Make Ice Cream Almost Instantly

The worst thing about making your own ice cream is waiting for it to solidify. This smart DIY machine will make your homemade ice cream ready to eat in minutes.

In this DIY Perks YouTube video, Matt Perks shows you how to create an instant ice cream cone at home. To build your own, you’ll need some kind of flat-bottomed metal pan, a very large radiator, a large pot filled with water that can hold a radiator, and some Peltier thermoelectric elements . You will also need a PSU that can supply at least 400W (and an old PC unit will do).

When all of this is assembled, the Peltier elements act like heat pumps, making one side very hot and the other cold. The cold side, attached to a metal tray, will quickly freeze your ice cream mixture so it can be eaten in less than a couple of minutes. The tray Perks uses in the demo is large enough for one serving, but you can easily use a larger tray if you have more Peltier elements and a larger radiator. You can find a complete list of assemblies at the link below.

How to Create an Instant DIY Ice Cream Machine (ULTRA FREEZE!) | Youtube


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