Your Budget Should Make Your Life Less Stressful, Not More.

Money problems will stress anyone. However, your budget shouldn’t add to your stress. It should be removed. If your budget plan is stressing you more than it helps, you may want to change it.

As personal finance site Money Ning explains, not everyone needs the same budget plan. For some, a system that includes careful categorization of every penny is fine. For others (like me), a spending plan that covers the basics and leaves some monthly freedom may be easier. Regardless of which plan you choose, choose what is most comfortable for you :

Regardless of how you decide to organize your budget, the key is to make sure you have one because it can make your financial life so much easier. Even if you’ve messed up and have scratches (or multiple Select All and Delete options selected in your action queue) across your entire budget, again, the point is to have a budget and you are trying to earn it. it works.

Some budgets can be stressful, but not having a system at all can lead to much more problems (and stress). If you can’t stick to your budget system because it tires you, try changing it until you find one that works for you. It’s okay if you don’t use the same system as someone else as long as you stick with it.

If Your Budget Doesn’t Relieve Stress – You’re Doing It Wrong | Ning’s money


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