Skip the Line and Upgrade Your Nexus to Android Nougat Now

Android Nougat has officially dropped and the wait is starting now. However, if you are the impatient type, you can skip and download the latest Android right now.

This year, you have a few extra options than usual if you are anxious to get Nougat installed on your Nexus device:

  • Sign up for Android Beta: Google has introduced a new Android Beta program that lets you try out the most advanced version of Android. It’s Nougat right now. As How-To Geek points out , you can sign up for beta testing here , download and install Nougat, and then exit right away. Usually your phone wipes out when you leave beta, but as long as you only download the latest, which is rolling out right now, you should be fine.
  • Flash OTA Nougat Update: If you are comfortable with ADB and fast boot , you can flash OTA (wireless) update to update your device without erasing anything or participating in the beta program. You can check out our guide that walks you through this process . Android Police has a handy overview of Nougat OTA packages here .
  • Nougat Factory Image Flashing: If you prefer to start from scratch on a newer version of Android, you can install new factory images for Nexus devices on your device. It’s not necessary just for an update, but if you’re used to flashing factory images, Android Police has another helpful review .

With these three methods, everyone should find what is comfortable for them, trying to avoid the queue. If you’d rather wait, the update should be released within the next few weeks, so it may take a while.

How not to wait and upgrade your Nexus to Android Nougat now | How-To Geek


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