Make Your Own Restaurant – Sushi-Ginger-Worthy, Down to Color

My love for ginger sushi borders on obsession, and as you know, I only went to sushi to satisfy my cravings for pickled ginger. However, this is not necessary because you can prepare delicious, perfectgari from the comfort of your own kitchen.

According to The Kitchn , pink usually comes from the multi-colored tips of young ginger, which has a short season and can be a little harder to find than mature ginger. Luckily, you can make a burn out of regular old ginger, or you can even make it pink. You just need a radish.

The old ginger is slightly spicier than its younger sibling, so it needs to be tamed a little. A simple saline treatment helps. Simply stir in finely peeled ginger with kosher salt and let sit for half an hour. Pour it into a jar – with radishes if you’re thinking of pink – and make a simple pickle out of water, rice vinegar, and sugar (click the link below for the exact ratio). Pour in the ginger and shake it down to remove any air bubbles. Close the jar, let it cool to room temperature, and store in the refrigerator for two days to two months.

How to Pickle Ginger | Kitchen


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