Make the Most of Your Long Stays With City Tours at the Airport

If you have a long stopover, don’t waste your time at the gate clock or at the overpriced airport restaurant. Check to see if the airport offers its own organized and guided city tours so you can spend time doing some sightseeing instead.

By going on an airport tour, you reduce the risk of having to deal with the usual hassle of getting out of the airport at the time of transfer. You will be picked up and returned through security to catch your connecting flight, and there is less chance of you getting stuck somewhere with no way back to the airport. Visit the airport website or the city’s tourist office to see if they have a city tour, or go to the information desk when you arrive at your stop and see if there are any tours available. Here are a couple of major airports that offer city tours:

Since these tours are meant to be run during a stopover, they are likely to be “mini-versions” of a regular city tour and may only cover a couple of key points so you can get back on your next flight. But at least you get out of the airport, see a little of what the city has to offer, and feel like you’ve made the most of your vacation.

Make the most of your stopover with Free City Tours | Conde Nast Traveler


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