Plan to Admit That You Are Wrong at Least Once in Every Dispute.

Nobody likes those who refuse to admit they are wrong. It makes you look childish, stubborn and unwilling to see other points of view. You can become less stubborn during a debate if you plan to say at least once that you are wrong.

Our ego often ties up arguments. We think that our mistake will make us look bad or undermine our confidence. But Quora user Ryan Cook suggests that admitting that you are wrong gives people a lot more points than proving that you are right, even if you do it in the kindest way. This is why he engages in every possible debate or argument with a plan to say that he is wrong or that he does not know something at least once. It’s not about lying and saying that you are wrong about something if you are not. It’s about an argument with a willingness to give in and give credit from the start. You won’t always have a winning argument — you’re just human — but you can always have a winning attitude. And this is much more important in the long run. The best debaters are good at losing and still look like they’re at the top.

Ryan Cook’s answer to the question: “What do you do when in the middle of an argument you realize that you are wrong?” | Quora


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