Avoid Over-Packing by Taking Two Boxes Every Five Days of Travel

If you don’t have any rules, especially when it comes to clothes, it’s easy to pack for a trip. This simple rule of thumb will help you avoid cluttering your carry-on bag with every pair of pants you have.

Pants like jeans, shorts, or dress pants are great because they can be worn multiple times before needing to be washed. This is why Apartment Therapy ‘s Tarryn Williford suggests that you do not exceed two couples for every five days you are away:

Packing the bottom two gives you the option of having a short option and a long option if your destination requires it (or double if it’s warm or cool). If they’re versatile and don’t really stand out, I promise you your perfect match will last the entire trip.

Thus, only two pairs are needed for a weekend trip. Even a two-week excursion only needs four pairs – and that’s if you don’t have a washing machine. If you’re packing jeans, bring a pair that looks decent enough to wear to a nice dinner. If you pack shorts, make sure they are comfortable and useful. The more situations your asses can be useful in, the better they will pack.

A Quick Guide to Traveling Light: 5 Rules to Help You Pack Fewer Things | Apartment therapy


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