Why You Shouldn’t Check Your Email First on Friday Morning

Sometimes checking your email first thing in the morning can help you forget about it and focus on more important tasks. However, there are equally compelling reasons against checking email in the first place . If you do your best by not paying attention to your mailbox in the morning, you should avoid especially on Friday mornings.

Your peak hours can vary , but if you’re an early riser, you don’t want to waste your peak energy hours on supposedly frivolous tasks like email. As Inc.com points out, your energy is depleted by the end of the week, so you really want to take advantage of the first two hours of the day on Friday, because they might be your last peak hours of the week. They write:

… there is a good chance that your energy will run out over the course of Friday. With that in mind, don’t waste your rush hours early in the day with email. Also, remember: people are unlikely to answer emails on Midsummer Friday, so why are you wasting the last few hours of the week on emails?

Again, your own experience will be different and not all of us have a choice in response to some emails. However, if you find that your inbox is eating up your peak hours, this tip is worth trying. Go to the full post for more details.

7 Things Productive People Do Ridiculously On Summer Fridays | Inc.com


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