Learn to Remove Leech With This Handy Table

Summer is a great time to spend a day at the lake. Leeches think so too. If you are swimming in a local lake and are arriving with a new great friend, don’t panic. Just follow the directions in this picture to get rid of it.

Leeches, like vampires, love the taste of blood. Unlike vampires, they are relatively harmless. If you can handle the idea of ​​sharing yourprecious body fluids , the least harmful solution is to give the leech something to eat, and then it voluntarily separates without hurting you.

An alternative is to use a flat object, such as a credit card, to press the head of the leech to the side to remove it. You need to get rid of it quickly as the leech will instinctively try to attach itself. Make sure you have bandages so that you are ready to stop the bleeding. You can find more information here on how to remove and cure a leech bite .

How To Remove A Leech: Your 60 Second Guide | The art of masculinity


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