What Features to Look for When Buying a DVR

There is no guarantee that a dash cam will save the day if you ever get into a car accident, but if you want one just in case , it’s good to know what the types are and how they work. Here’s what you should look out for when you buy your own dash cam.

In this video from the channel TechQuickie on YouTube Linus talks about the basic principles of video recorders , which everyone should know, and gives some tips for choosing an appropriate model. Here are some of the main findings:

  • Make sure you have a DVR with loop function. This way, your dash cam will automatically record the old video that you no longer need and you don’t need to delete the footage manually.
  • Look for dashcams with overload sensors that can detect when you are in an accident. These types of DVRs will save all the frames that were recorded at that time, rather than looping over them.
  • Make sure your dash cam can record night footage reliably. If he cannot clearly write down what is happening, it is of little use. And models with infrared or night vision are usually not very reliable.

Other things you may need in your dash cam include lane departure alerts to help you stay focused on the road, motion sensors that can detect and record intrusions, and battery backup so it doesn’t drain when you need it. most. But the most important thing is the image quality. Never settle for a dash cam with less than 1080p resolution. Better yet, choose one that records at 2560 x 1080, so you can see better and wider what is happening around your car, not just what is right in front of it.

Which DVR is better to buy? | Youtube


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