These DIY Coffee Pods Make It Easy to Make Coffee by the Fire or Brew on the Go

You have to get creative when you cook on the hike or wherever else, you may be running out of tons of gear. Prepare these DIY coffee bags before you hit the road to make your morning cup as easy as possible.

You will need ground coffee (fresh is best), a measuring spoon, several coffee filters, and unscented dental floss or other fine floss. For each pack, place the filter in a shallow cup or bowl, add a spoonful of coffee, and tie tightly with dental floss. If you will be brewing coffee for several people, add a couple more measuring spoons before tying the pack. It’s as simple as you imagine, but it works really well.

When you’re on a hike or just stuck in a hotel room without a coffee maker, toss the coffee bag into boiling water and let it brew. Alternatively, you can put the bag in a thermos and fill it with hot water. You don’t have to do on-site coffee measurement or fiddle with a kettle or coffee maker.

DIY Coffee Pods for Camping | Alaska Granny (YouTube)


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