To Keep Spices Fresh Longer, Never Spray Directly Over a Hot Pot.

Have you ever noticed that spice mills usually come with an overbearing warning, “Avoid grinding steaming pots?” I’ve always assumed it had something to do with not setting the spice (or yourself) on fire, but it’s really for the spice’s good, not your hands.

When you grind Trader Joe’s pepper or garlic salt, or whatever, right above the hot water vapor, that water vapor can get inside your spice mill, shortening the life of your spice. All this added moisture is useless and promotes rot, rot, and mildew when it can’t come back out.

Aside from chopping, you should avoid sprinkling all spices directly on hot pots, no matter what kind of dish they are in. Just pour some into a mold or something and then squeeze out to keep your scent friends nice and dry.

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