No, You Don’t Have to Squat When You Reprimand

Some products, such as squatty Potty , trying to convince you that an ordinary seat on the toilet is actually a violation when it comes to bowel movements. But it is not so.

As explained in this video from the SciShow YouTube channel , only a few very small studies show that squatting is better than sitting because it flattens the rectum and anal canal slightly better than sitting upright. While the squatting position may ease “movement” a little, it won’t solve all of your digestive problems, such as constipation or bloating. While it’s normal to want a smoother feeling, there is no evidence that better bowel movements mean better health. In truth, you don’t miss much when you usually sit on the toilet because you are not limiting yourself at all. Basically, if you have normal stools, there is no reason to squat. Keep doing what you doo-doo. That said, squatting isn’t bad either, so just pick whichever is more comfortable for you.

What’s the best position for pooping? | Youtube


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