Use Leftover Salted Juice to Make Delicious Bread

Pickled juice is a magical liquid that can be used to spice up potato salad, brine meats, and even add salty punch to cocktails, but it can also make some pretty fantastic breads.

As someone who puts pickles in every sandwich (even in peanut butter), I totally endorse this post. Instead of testing the yeast with boring plain water, toss it in a brine heated to 110F and let it hang for about ten minutes. (You will need a ratio of 1 glass of juice + 1 tablespoon of sugar for each 1/4 ounce envelope of yeast.) Then you can add this sour, salty slurry to the tasting table recipe (link below) or you can add another loaf with this magic pickled cucumbers. Personally, I will throw away this favorite recipe of mine without kneading and then eat all the sandwiches I could possibly eat.

Bread with pickled juice | Tasting table


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