Adblock Plus Already Has a Workaround for Facebook Adblock Blocker

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it was targeting ad blockers to block them from browsing the site. Today Adblock Plus released a filter to bypass this.

The updated filter is in the main Adblock filter list, which was updated earlier today. Here’s how to force and update:

In Chrome:

  1. Click the menu button> Tools> Extensions.
  2. Find Adblock and click Options.
  3. Click “Update Now”.

In Firefox

  1. Click Firefox> Add-ons (or Tools> Add-ons on Mac / Linux).
  2. Click on Extensions and find Adblock.
  3. Click “Options” and then “Filter Settings”.
  4. Click Update Filters.

Or, if you want to add a filter manually, just add it to Adblock: ## DIV [id ^ = ”substream_”] ._5jmm [data-dedupekey] [data-cursor] [data-xt] [data-xt-vimpr = ”1"] [data-ftr = ”1" ] [data-fte = "1"]

Of course, as always with this stiff, this is a cat and mouse game, and this is certainly not the end of the story. But for now, you can get rid of those annoying sponsored posts quite easily.

Adblock Plus and (slightly) more | Adblock plus


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