This Cheat Sheet Is Full of Shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and More.

Keep your hands away from the mouse and keyboard to save a lot of time, but only if you know the keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate the Internet in the first place. This cheat sheet is filled with keyboard shortcuts for common functions on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, and even some for Ello.

The graphics speak for themselves, but most shortcuts cover common features such as creating a new post, navigating to the top of a news feed, quickly responding to other people’s posts, adding likes or favorites, or navigating to a search bar or opening a search tool. There are tons of site-specific shortcuts worth remembering, such as G + M to jump to your private Twitter messages from any Twitter stream, or Ctrl + arrow key to jump 10 seconds forward or backward in a YouTube video.

Check out the full picture below.

Social Media Hotkey Cheat Sheet 2016 | Make WebsiteHub


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