Make Ice Cream That Is Very Easy to Assemble by Refrigerating the Base

Making ice cream at home allows you to create your own flavors and it’s a lot of fun, but nobody likes hard ice cream that you can’t scoop. Here’s a trick to make your homemade ice cream very soft.

In this video from ChefSteps YouTube, Chef Grant Crilly shares the secret to the perfect spoon-blown ice cream. To make most of the homemade ice cream, but not all , you’ll need to stir and prepare the base before inserting it into an ice cream maker or beater mixer. However, before you start knocking down the base, you should put it in the refrigerator – the longer the better. Crilli explains why:

Refrigeration allows time for the fat droplets to partially crystallize and the other proteins covering their surface to dislodge, leaving bare areas that will clump together during churning. This helps to trap air bubbles and makes the texture softer and more comfortable.

In addition, aging of the ice cream base speeds up the whipping process. You will end up with finer ice crystals, which means smoother ice cream overall.

Tips & Tricks: The Secret to High Falsity Super Smooth Ice Cream | Youtube


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