Save Money When You’re Short on Time by Prioritizing the Savings That Matter

Whether you have two or three jobs or are constantly busy, saving money is not always easy. Sometimes it takes time to cut your costs. If you have to choose, focus on getting the most value.

As Time Magazine notes in its finance column, most money-saving efforts take time. It takes time to cook at home, not fast food. It takes a while to learn car repairs that you can do yourself . It takes time to call utilities to lower your bills. If you are pressed for time, choose the cost-cutting measures that will bring you the most benefit in the least amount of time.

I spent an hour researching a part for my Volvo. If I bought this part after an on-site refurbishment, it would cost me $ 765. I found a brand new $ 45 aftermarket version online that had great reviews. I saved $ 720 by spending one hour of my life researching options. I wouldn’t spend so much time researching a shovel that I just bought from a local hardware store for $ 70. I bought a shovel solely on the basis that there was only one model to choose from.

Part of saving money is getting rid of the marketing message that you need to buy the best or you will face dire consequences.

Sometimes spending more money can really be worth it if you can devote the time saved to something else. Instead of stressing yourself that you are spending more on a particular thing, focus on the places where you are overpaying too much, which will take less time to cut.

How to Live Frugally When You Don’t Have Time | Time via Rockstar Finance


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