This Homemade Floating Workbench Folds Back Into Place When It’s Time to Work, and Away When You’re Done

A lookitsash reader saw this floating wall-mounted workbench a few years ago and decided to improve its design at home. He did it and then commented to share it with us and it looks like a huge improvement.

I will let him speak for himself:

In particular, the IKEA standing legs have gone from the original design, replaced by folding wall supports, which are durable but also foldable so the work surface folds down to fit the garage wall when not in use. Likewise, instead of having the work surface fold down over a perforated board with tools on it, tools are still available with this design, so even when you’re not using a workbench, you can still get to your tools (and you won’t ). I need to unfold the workspace to grab the drill or nail, which is a good way to solve a positive issue with the original workbench.)

Lookitsash also skewed the edges a little to make it easier to operate, and added locks to the legs and surface to keep everything in place. Follow the link below for a complete guide on how he did it and get inspired to create your own small home space .

Folding workbench with storage space | Just measuring


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