Shave Subscription: Harry Shaving Club Vs the Dollar

If you want to save on razors and shave well, try a shaving subscription. Sharp razors and shaving products will deliver to your door when you need them, and for less than a store. This may be great, but with so many services to choose from, it’s hard to choose. Let’s start with two big names.


Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s aren’t the only subscription-based shaving services available, but they are two of the largest and most praised products. Here’s a rundown of two of our competitors:

  • Dollar Shave Club : You may remember Dollar Shave Club fortheir hilarious ads . Recently acquired by Unilever , the service was one of the pioneers of “let us ship you razors at an affordable price and on a regular basis so you don’t have to buy them.” While they definitely continue to do so, DSC has expanded to include other shaving and bath products worth looking into. By default, DSC offers three different types of razors, each with two, four or six blades, and three different handle types for you to choose from. They also offer bundles of razors and some of their most popular bath and shaving products.
  • Harry’s : Harry’s approach is a little different from Dollar Shave Club’s. They’ve been around for about the same, but they keep their product line a little simpler, with one type of razor and two different razor handles. Harry recently (we mean last week) unveiled a new razor cartridge and handle design, and we had the opportunity to test both the old and the new – more on that later. Harry’s also offers a small line of shaving products that you can buy either à la carte or as part of a razor subscription, but they keep their product line a little more focused.

In many ways, the two companies could not have been more different. Dollar Shave Club uses humor in its advertising and marketing, as well as the laid-back, charming atmosphere of a drugstore bottle in the product’s packaging. His razors are very athletic and have the same chrome and plastic look that you are probably familiar with if you use Gilette or Schick razors (only much better). Dollar Shave Club also sells its razors and products to both women and men. … After trying them, I can guarantee they are more than happy to bring their razors and shavers to market underserved at best and pink versions of the same products at worst .

On the other hand, Harry’s strives to create an air of sophistication and modernity in its packaging and marketing, avoiding the lightheartedness in favor of a more stylish ambiance. Its packaging is simple and uncluttered, and its razors have clean, modern lines, solid colors and styles reminiscent of the razors of yesteryear. Even the names of their razors – “Truman” and “Winston” – echo the feeling of a “modern gentleman.” While they are not geared towards women (their main target is obviously men), there is nothing specifically gender-specific about their razors, so if you are a woman looking for affordable razors and shaving products they are worth checking out too. …

As we mentioned, these two are not the only ones in town. Dorco , Bevel , Wet Shave Club are all other options worth considering (and we may revisit some of the others in the future) without even considering more traditional options like using a safety razor and an even more affordable razor. blades, or learning to use a straight razor . We’re sticking to two because adding too many competitors to the summary doesn’t give us enough room to go into all of them in detail – and it’s enough to say just those two.

Everyone Has Flexibility, But Dollar Shave Club Where It Matters Most

The big issue with Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club’s pricing and packages is that getting what you want is easy, but it’s hard to compare “X subscription will cost Y a month” apples to apples. Much of how much you actually pay out of pocket depends on what you order. However, you should pay attention to some main points.

Dollar Shave Club has tons of products and tons of options

Dollar Shave Club offers three different types of shavers . First, it’s the “humble twin, ” a simple two-blade razor that will set you back about $ 5 a month, plus $ 2 shipping for five cartridges a month. Second is the “4X”, a four-blade razor with a swivel head and a grease strip that will set you back $ 6 a month with free shipping for four cartridges a month. And finally there is the Executive, a six-blade well-weighted razor with a grease strip and a trimmer blade that will cost you $ 9 a month, free shipping for four cartridges a month. When you subscribe, you choose the type of shaver and DSC ships it to you for free. DSC also offers monthly subscription packages that include other products such as shaving oil and aftershave cream at an additional cost. If you prefer to customize your subscription, you can add products to the monthly box from the a la carte DSC store.

Harry’s is more flexible but shipped less frequently and has fewer choices

Harry’s offers two main types of shavers, both of which fit the same shaving head. The Truman is a soft plastic razor (but still grippy – and has a grip, more on that in a moment). The razor comes in orange, green, or blue, while the Winston is a heavier razor with a chrome body and textured grip for comfortable use. hold tight while shaving. Harry’s old blades didn’t have trimmer blades, but the new ones have blades that are slightly larger to flush out and rotate better along the face. When you sign up for a new subscription , you get a free “initial trial” that includes any color Truman pen, a small bottle of Harry Shaving Gel, and a travel blade case. After that, every two, three, or five months you’ll receive eight-blade cartridges at $ 15 shipping (unless you choose the plan that includes shaving gels at $ 27 shipping).

If that doesn’t work for you, Harry’s lets you create a personalized subscription plan that includes as many shavers as you need, as many shaving gels or other products as you want, and shipping at any frequency you choose. Here it is the most flexible option that deserves attention, especially if you do not find any of the plans of any company to be right for you. Prices vary, but if I just wanted four blade cartridges every month and nothing else, I would go for $ 8 a month.

Of course, if you don’t want to use a subscription at all, both companies have stores where you can simply buy the products you want when you need them and have them delivered. For example, if you want Harry’s Razors but DSC Shaving Products, or vice versa, you can get this.

Both companies’ razors are sharp, but Harry has the edge.

Both companies’ razors are sharp . Don’t be fooled by the design of the razors: while DSC is sporty and Harry is sophisticated, both models are easy to hold while shaving and weighted well (Harry has thinner handles with weighted shafts, DSC has a slimmer handle and thicker handles) and easy to clean.

Dollar Shave Club cartridges are easy to replace and there is a thumb button you can press to slide the cartridge on or off the shaving head. They are easy to turn on and off, and their Executive shaver is especially equipped with a beautiful cartridge and a heavy, comfortable handle. Harry’s shavers do not have such a switch, but the cartridges can be turned on and off with the push of your thumb. Their newest razor design improved on the old style in which the cartridge was a little more difficult to pull out. It used to be a little tricky (especially with wet hands), but now it’s much easier and one press means you’re ready to attach a new one.

As far as the real sharpness and steel of the blades are concerned, you probably won’t notice the difference. Harry acquired a German razor manufacturer to make his blades exclusively, while DSC gets their blades from Dorco (so you can always check the source if you like). In both cases, you get razors that will do the job and last a long time. for a long time. At both companies, I had been using their razors for much longer than the recommended week (like most of you, admit it, with store-bought cartridges), and they were still sharp enough to get the job done.

However, in this regard, Harry had the advantage. The DSC shavers definitely dull after about a week and a half, while Harry’s shavers have worked well for close shaving well over the past two weeks. This may in part be due to the fact that Harry’s Blade Travel Case actually keeps your blades dry very well when not in use (so use it, even at home!), And DSC razors must be stored with the blade up or they will lie flat. and retain moisture. Either way, at these prices and with regular shipments, you really should change them regularly – that’s the whole point of the subscription. Also, the downside of using a dull razor, even if it works, is that you get sloppy when you type in a new one and end up cutting yourself.

DSC Razors Pack in the Blades, but Harry’s Razors are like precision engineering

So what are the successes of each company when you actually run into one? Not bad, actually, but there are some differences.

As we mentioned, DSC razors are sporty, so if you love razors like the Gilette Mach 3 line, you will immediately love the handle, style and thickness of the blade bezels. Because the high-end DSC “Executive” shaver comes with a trimmer (something Harry just recently added to his recently released razors), it’s very easy to keep your sideburns, lips or other delicate areas sharp and trimmed. This “sporty” quality does not imply lightness – the same Executive handle is well weighted, and the 4X handle is slightly lighter.

On the other hand, Harry’s razors are more like precision instruments. They are more maneuverable in the hand, if that makes sense, and make you feel like you are using a scalpel or pen rather than a knife or marker. Their cartridge bezels are comparatively thin and not easily clogged with shaving cream or soap. Harry has an advantage when it comes to rinsing: Do you know when you are shaving and your razor needs to be rinsed before you can use it again? You usually place it under running water and let the water rinse it out before making the next pass.

By comparison, DSC shavers simply don’t rinse or dry as quickly because they have thicker bezels and wider dampening strips. You will need to slow down and hold them underwater for a while before swiping them over your face again. Harry’s razors are fairly easy to clean, and their latest razors further enhance the design, making the already distinctive feature even better.

Dollar Shave Club has much better shaving products and toiletries

Of course, the razor is only part of the shaving process. Another important factor in how good and pleasant you shave is the products you use with it. Both DSC and Harry’s have their own lines of shaving products and toiletries designed to be used with their blades. This front DSC lights up just outside the gate.

Foaming shaving gel, daily face wash, aftershave balm and Harry’s moisturizer are all good, but they are pretty typical (which changes the scenario compared to their blades). They smell great and stick to Harry’s modern, simple brand. Gel is a standard shaving gel, squeeze it out a little and when you rub it on your face, it foams. Their aftershave cream and moisturizer is also standard, spreads well and leaves skin feeling happy. The fragrances are harmless to both, but they definitely smell like a “guy” in the beauty and health department. Fortunately, it’s not so aggressive that someone would think you are wearing an Ax product, or that you cannot use them if you’re not a guy at all.

However, Dollar Shave Club products are richer and more varied. Many people mix really interesting textures, scents and ingredients that will make you want to slow down a bit and enjoy your daily shave. Their line of Dr. Carver’s Shaving Products includes Shaving Oil, which spreads on a thin layer but stays clean and moisturized, and Shaving Foam, which looks more like cream than “lather” like you would. received. from a bottle of Barbasol (thickens and becomes thick). All of them are reminiscent of the days when shaving was more of a relaxing, rejuvenating affair than “hurry up, I need to get to work.”

I found the shaving oil was the fastest , as it is easy to apply, easy to rinse off and shaves clean, but shaving foam requires you to slow down, do deliberate, specific movements, and then rinse it off completely after each movement. This is mainly because the foam is very thick and it will take a while to rinse the razor off (especially the DSC cartridges, which, as I mentioned earlier, don’t rinse out as cleanly as Harry’s razors). good and bad. If you’re just trying to shave and walk out the door, the slowness can be maddening. Allowing yourself time can be great and give you the opportunity to truly pamper yourself, take care of your face and enjoy shaving.

Both companies also make after-shave balms and moisturizers. Harry’s version is good, it stays clean and moisturizes the skin with a pleasant scent. Dollar Shave Club offers two: Revitalizing Serum , which stays smooth and clean and lasts just enough to moisturize your face, and After Shave Cream , which is slightly thicker and heavier. The revitalizing serum was incredible. One of the challenges African American men face when shaving is our propensity for razor burns and razor bumps – short curly facial hair can curl on its own and grow in, so a close shave and a good aftershave balm are essential. A revitalizing serum is great for this and makes me regret it when I had a more serious problem with ingrown hairs and bumps many years ago.

Either way, the DSC shaving product line is by far the winner. “Harry” is nice and does the job, but it’s simple, and nothing that can’t be bought at the grocery store, although I love the smell. However, DSC toiletries are a completely different world. Shaving oil soothes and provides a perfectly clean and silky shave, while shaving foam cools and nourishes skin, leaving skin hydrated. The reviews on the DSC site admire both, from the men who use them on their faces and from the women who use them on their feet, so it’s worth noting, too.

Verdict: Harry’s razors seem like great tools, but DSC shaving products are excellent

One of the reasons I wanted to make this comparison at all was because I was tired of my old razor and waiting too long between cartridge replacements because they were so expensive. I could go with a safety razor or straight razor, but I wanted to be able to relax and shave slowly if I wanted to, but I also needed the opportunity to speed up my morning shave, walk out the door and continue on my way. … However, after checking these two, I must say that I am a bit stumped.

Harry’s blades and handles – especially the new ones, with an edge trimmer and wider blades – feel more like you’re using a precision face shaving tool. It’s not a perfect win, though – Harry’s old arms were longer and heavier than the new ones, but the new arms are easier to grip and grip, and the heads are more flexible and better fit your face. The new cartridges are an improvement over the old ones, but the old ones were still durable, so while this is an improvement, they were already great.

On the other hand, Dollar Shave Club’s wide range of toiletries are refreshing to use, lasting a bottle or purchase, making shaving fun when you want it and soothing when you need it. They kind of bring shaving back into the personal care category, which pleasantly surprised me. Seriously, even if you buy their shaving products to order, you should try it yourself. Harry’s products, by contrast, are simple and good, but not overly inspiring, even because of the sophistication and simplicity that the company exudes.

Eventually, I can end up using Harry’s razors and DSC shaving products. You, on the other hand, will have to make your choice, but hopefully you have more than enough information here to report it. Both companies offer free trials, so it’s worth trying both of them yourself. I bet you won’t be disappointed either – it all comes down to style and comfort as always.


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