Play This Financial Tic-Tac-Toe Game to Measure the Health of Your Budget

There are many boxes that you need to mark in your financial life . While it’s important to impress them all, it’s not always realistic for every budget. However, this nifty tic-tac-toe game is a great way to motivate you to complete some tasks.

The board, which you can find at the source link below, has nine separate fields for purposes such as determining your home equity or paying for your personal car. Higher priority areas are highlighted for the most important purposes to demonstrate how important they are (for example, the square for paying off a credit card debt is at a standstill). It won’t change your financial life overnight, but it’s a fun way to get a feel for how far behind you really are. Of course, you may not have reached all your financial goals yet, but even if you are on your way to the goal, you can still win this little game. And small victories do matter.

Playing financial tic-tac-toe | Let Luc Finance through Rockstar Finance


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