Peel Bell Peppers for a Silky Smooth Texture Without Roasting

Frying bell peppers until the skin slips off is a great way to make them sweet and velvety, but you can get soft, silky peppers without extra heating. you just need to clear them first.

Peeling bell peppers (with a vegetable peeler, like everything else) is what the late great Marcella Hazan insisted on, and she’s not the type to fussily take the extra steps. By freeing the peppers from the peel, you remove the barrier, allowing them to release as much of their delicious juices as possible and reach what Epicurious calls “melting tenderness.”

In typical Khazan fashion, exfoliation should not be overly appreciated. Don’t get hung up on pulling out every peel from every corner, just run the peeler over the flat portions of the peppers and chop as usual.

How to peel red peppers without frying them. Epic


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