Two Walking Tips Every Pokémon Go Trainer Should Know

Even if you are no longer a budding trainer, there is still a lot you may not know about Pokémon Go and how it works. When it comes to using incense and hatching eggs, your gait makes a huge difference.

Learn six helpful tips for playing in this video from YouTube Tech Insider . We’ve already covered some tips like boosting the power of the Lucky Egg and using the incubator efficiently , but you’ll also learn when to move around while playing and how to plan your hiking trails. According to the game code, Incense will spawn a Pokémon for you every five minutes if you don’t move. But if you are walking, they will appear faster. Once you cover 200 meters and walk at least 60 seconds, you will be eligible for another Pokémon to spawn. This process will continue for 30 minutes while you keep moving.

When incubating eggs or using incense, walk in a straight line if you can. The game checks and periodically measures your travel distance by looking at your movement from the previous checkpoint. This way, walking the same block over and over again won’t lead to significant distance, because you will never be that far from the last checkpoint.

6 Tips for Experienced Pokémon GO Users | Youtube


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