Five Useful Microsoft Excel Tricks You May Not Know About

If you’ve mastered the basics of Microsoft Excel and want to improve your spreadsheet skills, this visual guide explains some helpful tips and hotkeys that you might not have tried.

This chart from Quill provides five tips and shortcuts you can use to become a spreadsheet pro. You will learn how to quickly copy data and formulas down an entire column, make Excel say the numbers as you type them so you don’t accidentally enter the wrong value, and also pin areas so you can scroll through huge spreadsheets and still reference easily. data. … You will also learn how to make simple data forecasts using the forecast function and use pivot tables to analyze and summarize large amounts of data. You may know some of these tips, but even if you’re an Excel master, there is always a lot to learn . Check out the full picture below.

Excel Tips, Shortcuts, and Tricks to Optimize Your Spreadsheet Professionally | Feather


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