1Password Launches Subscription Plans for $ 3 Per Month

1Password, one of the most popular password managers , has announced a new subscription plan for individual users. The plan costs $ 2.99 per month and is available for free for the first six months.

Traditionally, 1Password was a $ 50 one-time free, but the price was raised to $ 65 earlier this year. This one-time license plan is still available, but they’re clearly hoping people will switch to the subscription service. The subscription comes with a new sync service that promises more security while accessing your data outside of apps on the Internet. Considering that 1Password’s biggest competitor, LastPass Premium, only costs $ 12 a year , 1Password is definitely the more expensive option. Either way, if you want to try out 1Password’s subscription service, you can get the first six months for free by signing up now.

Introducing Our New 1Password Subscription Service – Get 6 Months Free | 1 Password


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