Most Viewed Posts This Week: July 22-29

This week we discussed what’s going on at Comic-Con and why it’s cool, paired Pokémon Go with our running routine, learned about alternative investments, compared stoves, and more. Let’s remember the most popular posts of this week, as July is coming to an end.

What’s happening at Comic-Con and why it’s cool

In this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing. Amid the flood of trailers, posters, figurines and murals, it’s worth taking a step back to understand what SDCC is and why it’s so impressive that it even exists.

How to hatch Pokemon eggs and run great at the same time

While Pokémon Go is great for interval training , it’s not always easy to play while you’re at a good distance: the app will underestimate the distance you travel and sometimes shut down unexpectedly. However, don’t let that stop you: you can still do a good job while laying your eggs – it only requires a few tweaks.

All the best movies to hit and leave Netflix in August 2016

As summer is drawing to a close, Netflix is ​​trying to stop you from going out with a new series about the rise of hip-hop and disco, several original films, and perhaps most importantly, the first and third Fast and the Furious. cinema.

What it really takes to get a flat stomach

There are all kinds of sneakers, videos, and products that say they can get a flat stomach instantly, but there are no labels for a six-pack city. It takes a lot of work, discipline and time.

The Common Man’s Guide to Alternative Investment

It’s pretty easy to get started investing. However, if you delve into this, many questions arise that complicate the process. You may have come across the phrase alternative investment, and if you’re new to investing, you probably don’t understand what that means. Here’s a quick breakdown for the average personal investor.

Five fun science experiments you can do at home with your kids

You have already set off on a summer trip, it is too hot outside and the children are tired of the library. This is the perfect time for home science experiments. These five experiments are fun even if you don’t have children, but if you have them, you have even more reasons to devote the day to studying science.

How I Found The Perfect Sneakers

I have a favorite sneaker model. I buy it whenever it’s on sale, and whatever is on the shelves, I don’t even think about trying on anything else. But shoes that fit me don’t fit all. This is what my quest looked like – and what you need to know to find it.

Sous Vide Showdown: Anova vs. Joule

Sous Vide cooking is compelling because it promises restaurant-grade results in the comfort of your own home . By maintaining a constant, precisely controlled temperature, you don’t have to worry about overcooking expensive steaks or delicate seafood. In the past, the esoteric cooking method is gaining popularity and circulation pumps are being developed with the needs of home chefs in mind. Choosing (and paying) such a fancy kitchen toy can be a little tricky, but we’re here to help.

See if Evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Go is worth it with this CP Calculator

It takes a lot of candy to develop a Pokémon in Pokémon Go , so you need to make sure you don’t waste it. If you’re not sure if developing a Pokémon you’ve caught is worth it, this calculator can give you a pretty accurate estimate of how strong it can get.

How to find out if your personal information has just been disclosed WikiLeaks

Earlier today, WikiLeaks posted over 19,000 emails from leading members of the US Democratic National Committee and then announced this on Twitter . These emails contained personal information from many donors, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, and even passport details. Here’s how to find out if your personal information has been leaked.

10 best YouTube channels to inspire you to go outside

The sun is high, the days are long and the weather is hot, which means now is a great time to go outside and see the beautiful natural spaces. Whether it’s a huge national park or just a green space closer to home, here are some canals to inspire you to get out and explore.

Five Ways to Optimize Your Workspace to Improve Productivity

Few things affect our productivity as much as what we surround ourselves with. However, most of us rarely take the time to take a step back and truly reflect on our work environment. Instead, we use a set-and-forget approach to where we work.

What is whole body cryotherapy and why is the FDA warning people about it?

In simple terms, cryotherapy is the process of using low temperatures for medicinal purposes, usually to relieve pain. In recent years, it has become popular in spas and sports centers for relieving muscle pain, relieving arthritis symptoms, “slowing down aging” and even for weight loss. Your bullshit counter may already be out of order, and rightly so. That’s all.

This Netflix recommendation bot is surprisingly accurate if you’re specific.

Chatbots are all the rage, and the spectrum ranges from useless to really fun. And Chill falls into an interesting category. Just send him a message on Facebook Messenger and ask him what to watch on Netflix. This mixes briefly and can give surprisingly good results if you have a clear understanding of what you want.


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