How Are You Doing During the July Money Competition?

Money is a great way to learn about your financial habits and save some money at the same time. Every month we run a new money challenge, and this month we asked you to update it and save money . How are you doing?

Upgrading sounds condescending, but sometimes it actually saves you money. For example, perhaps you buy your own fancy router to avoid paying your ISP $ 10 a month, which will ultimately save you money. Personal finance specialist Jim Wan calls it a renewal and preservation strategy and he joined us to challenge you this month.

A couple of readers have already taken up the challenge. One reader switched to an unlimited mobile data plan, which was nearly $ 20 cheaper. Another reader signed up for a meal kit to cut costs at the restaurant. If you joined this month’s challenge, please tell us how it went. What have you updated and what will you save?


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