Calculate the Number of Calories Alcohol Consumed This Weekend Now

How many calories do you usually make per night at a bar? Although beer will soon receive nutritional labeling , and some other drinks like cider already contain them, calorie calculations probably wo n’t be part of your fun night out. Instead, here’s a calculator that will give you a good estimate before (or after) the fact.

To use the calculator, simply say how many drinks you will drink for each type: for example, there are regular and light beers on the list. There are also several positions in the categories of liqueurs, wines and cocktails. You can also adjust the size of the drink so you don’t get stuck in someone else’s idea of ​​a standard pour when you know your margarita drink is in the aquarium.

The result may not be accurate, but should be enough to help you calculate your weekly calorie budget. If you drink the same thing week after week – whether it’s a glass of wine at night or a predictable weekend party schedule – just divide by seven and put those extra calories into your daily goal.

Alcohol Calorie Calculator | National Institutes of Health


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