The Best Way to Remove the Leech and Heal the Wound

Leeches, these slimy, blood-sucking nightmarish creatures, can be found in ponds, swamps, swamps, and lakes around the world. Here’s what to do if someone gets caught on you, and how to treat the wound afterwards.

In this video (warning: picture) from YouTube’s Brave Wilderness channel, host Coyote Peterson demonstrates the best method for removing a blood-sucking leech – with real leeches. To remove the leech, Peterson suggests that you gently run your fingernail over the front suction cup of the leech, where it actually digs into your skin. This sliding motion repels the leech’s suction cup instead of pulling it, reducing the damage your teeth can do to your skin. After removing the front suction cup, you can simply remove the rear suction cup of the leech.

Once the leech is gone, wash off as much blood as possible to clearly identify the bite site, then dry it off with a paper towel. Now apply alcohol wipes, iodine, or antibacterial wet wipes to the bite area and spray some hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will help kill bacteria and break down the leech’s saliva enzymes that cause heavy bleeding. Once the bleeding has slowed down, apply some antibacterial ointment and apply a patch to the wound. Leeches are terrifying little creatures, but basic first aid is enough for recovery.

Watching the leech attack! | Youtube


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