Plan Rewarding Day Trips With Travel Time in Mind

Day trips are the perfect way to travel on a budget and explore your own backyard. This simple rule of thumb ensures they will always inspire, reward, and not drain businesses.

Just because you can go somewhere and come back in one day doesn’t mean it’s worth it. This is why Lauren Kodiak of The Kitchn recommends never spending more (or as much) time in the car as at the destination. If you need to get somewhere in three hours, that’s six hours’ drive. If you’re only going to be at your destination for a couple of hours, it probably isn’t worth the expense. Always set a limit on how far you are willing to travel in one day, even before you start planning a day trip. The drive home is always more tiring, so keep that in mind when narrowing it down. You can find more day trip tips at the link below.

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