Microsoft Pix for IOS Automatically Captures and Edits Photos for the Best Image Possible

iOS: Microsoft has released a camera app for iPhone with the main goal of making it easy to get the best photos without any extra effort on your part.

Microsoft Pix is ​​all about taking the best photos automatically. When you take a photo, it looks at what’s in the frame, then adjusts focus, color, and exposure. It also takes a series of shots before and after you press the shutter button, so if you’re shooting a moving subject, you have a choice of images to choose from. This burst method also helps if you are a little unsure about the photo, as it will pick the most stable image from the group. Speaking of motion, Pix automatically creates a short looping video, much like Apple Live Photos, every time it detects motion.

Pix isn’t exactly a wizard, but with moving subjects or simple photography issues like back lighting, Pix seems to do a good job of fixing photos. Experienced photographers don’t really need this, but the average Pix user will find it helpful to have it close at hand.

Microsoft Pix (Free) | ITunes App Store via Gizmodo


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