How White, Pink, and Brown Noise Can Help You Sleep and Focus

You may find it difficult to concentrate when it is too quiet. As explained in this SciShow video, this is because when it’s quiet, a separate sound is amplified, distracting your attention. White noise can help with this, as well as other noise colors, depending on the frequency.

As explained in the video, white noise has a higher frequency and we perceive it as louder than it actually is. The pink noise they reproduce in the video takes this into account and balances the frequency. Therefore, when the frequency is higher, the volume decreases. Brown noise, which sounds like low hum or ocean noise, further reduces high frequencies.

Apps like Noisli can generate these sounds to keep you focused while you work. They come in handy in a variety of noisy environments, even quiet ones. As SciShow explains, when our surroundings are too quiet, our ears pick up every little noise, making it difficult for us to focus on anything else.

This is good to know when it comes to work or school, but it also applies when you sleep.

… that a dripping faucet or a partner snoring in a quiet room can lead to severely fatigued nerves, but pinky and brown noise playing at all frequencies is like muffling blankets of sound. They mask other sounds, making them less significant compared to the background. Thus, sometimes more noise can be the solution to the annoying noise problem. Sounds of different colors

See the full video for details.

Colored noise and how it can help you focus


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